My Bad

Mumbai Street Photography

A street in Bandra, Mumbai

Bandra is a suburb in Mumbai. It has the highest density of pubs and restaurants in the city. Yet, if you try and explore this part of the town and venture away from the main road, you will find yourself walking in quiet, narrow lanes with quaint little houses and walls filled with interesting graffiti including works of Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P).

So anyway, last Sunday I was out taking an evening walk here when I saw this fluffy guy sitting by the window with his head popping out. A very old woman was looking at me from inside the house. I smiled and waved at her to ask her if I can take a pic of the house and the dog and she nodded to say yes. I clicked and then crossed the road to say hi and chit chat with the little dog. But as soon as I reached the window and greeted him, he gave me this disgusted look and disappeared inside the house. I guess I invaded his private space. My bad.