7 Life Lessons Learned in Masai Mara

Honestly, before I visited Masai Mara, I never gave much thought to what a wildlife Safari would be like. I never wondered about wildlife. I didn’t watch much of National Geographic while growing up. But then, I got a chance to witness an African Safari in all its glory and I can’t be more thankful.

Masai Mara is a land that makes you feel so small and humble. It was here that I truly understood the meaning of travel and how it changes you. Here are 7 life lessons that I learned in Masai Mara:

1. Never stop requesting for the window seat. Because the world outside is just too interesting to not watch… and you never know when a group of Giraffes may be looking at you right outside the window.


Seen on our way to Masai Mara game reserve

2. Don’t try to blend in. I have always wondered about the black and white stripes of the zebras and how it doesn’t help them in hiding from the predators at all.

A lone zebra

A lone zebra in Masai Mara

3. Always wear sunscreen. Cos you remember what Baz Luhrmann said about wearing sunscreen right? Click here if you need to be reminded.

Giraffe in Masai Marai

Giraffe trying to hide from sun

4. Be nice to people. Don’t be too quick to pounce on those who are inconsiderate and disturb your afternoon siesta.. even if they irritate the hell out of you.

Cheetahs in Masai Mara

A group of Cheetahs enjoying an afternoon nap

5. Keep walking. There may be many distractions along the way. Stay focused and continue on your journey.

African Elephants

African Elephants in Masai Mara

6. Don’t be an ostrich. Ostrich legs are powerful enough to kill a predator or a human. But instead of using it as a weapon, the Ostrich run for their life when in danger. It’s good to get out of the way of trouble… but one must kick a** sometimes when required.   

Ostrich seen in Masai Mara

A lone Ostrich.

7. The grass may look greener on the other side. But the great migration isn’t for the weakhearted.

(Seen in the picture below is the Mara River, which is said to be the home to one of the greatest spectacles on earth – ‘The Great Migration’. You can read more about the phenomenon here)


Animals have it tough and it’s the survival of the fittest out there.

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