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Prachi’s Suitcase in Turin

“This was taken at Turin’s Porta Susa station before I boarded the TGV to Paris. After gallivanting around Italy for 3 weeks, I was a bit under the weather; yet, I was excited about the next 5 days in Paris, especially since I was going to be celebrating my birthday there in 2 days! I absolutely loved zipping around Europe on the superb railway network and Turin was one of the fanciest stations. And almost devoid of people!”

– Prachi Joshi.

Prachi writes on food, travel and lifestyle on her blog Deliciously Directionless.


This post is part of my weekly feature Suitcase Saturdays in which I share stories of fellow travelers. You can too share your experience and memories with me. To contribute, write to The submission only has 2 basic rules:

  • The photograph should have a suitcase in it.
  • Share a story along with the pic (50 – 100 words)


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