Three Men

3 men

3 Men from Munnar

On a scenic hill top in Munnar, we noticed a small coffee stall and decided to stop for a break. The stall was run by a young, chatty guy who showed us his village located at the foot of the hill… not very far. We could see a church and a few quaint houses down below. Curious, we asked him if we can go there and he was more than happy to show us the route.

Once in the village, we met these men. Here’s the conversation that took place:

‘Hello.. beautiful village.’

‘Welcome. 300 houses!

‘Oh!!’ (Looks around.. can see only 30 houses.) Awkward silence.

You work here?’

‘No no… we are tourists.’

‘Ok.. but you work?’

(Not sure why they want to know if I work) ‘Yes, I work… in Bombay.’

(Man looks confused. Points towards the road on the hill top from where we came.) ‘You work here??’

(Wondering if he is asking me to work there.)  ‘No.. no.. No work. Only sightseeing.’

(Again awkward silence. And then it strikes me.)

‘Ohhh WALK!!! Yes, yes… I walk here… from there (pointing towards the main road and our car.)

Everyone smiles…