I was here


We met him in Munnar on a rocky cliff frequented by tourists. According to legend, the spot is famous for having been visited by the Pandavas thousands of years ago. This guy was happily smoking a beedi, smiling at strangers and looking very pleased with himself. He had inscribed his name on one of the rocks and was proudly showing it off to every traveler who cared to stop and listen. I guess he was just happy that unlike the Pandavas, he had the presence of mind to leave behind some actual proof of his visit.

P.S – In the day and age of virtual check-ins on Facebook and Foursquare, this kind of manual check-in has a sweet old world charm… don’t you think?

Seen in Munnar, Kerala.


The Suitcase traveled to Kerala recently. You can read more stories from God’s own country by clicking here.


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