The Meals I Miss

Pizza Margherita, In Rome

Pizza Margherita, In Rome

My first meal outside India, was Tom Yum Soup in Pattaya.

Spicy, tangy and watery, I wasn’t sure if it was very savoury.

I didn’t realize it back then, but that taste of herbs and spices

Was something that I won’t find so easily again.


Judging Singapore’s culinary skills while eating sticky rice,

Munching on butter croissants, staring endlessly at Paris lights.

David the waiter in Tuscany, guy who served us wine one too many,

If only Instagram was 4D, helping us freeze the moment just as it should be.


Momos at the Tibetian restaurant next door are fine,

But I miss the company of Dharamsala monks and their smiles.

Indonesian food here in Bombay is quite divine,

If only I could sprinkle some Balinese sunset as I sit down to dine.


What’s your most memorable meal? The strangest thing that you have eaten?


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