People of Ladakh

Julley!” That’s all it takes to see a Ladakhi face light up with a big smile. The land of high passes remains cut-off from the rest of the world for about 8 months in a year because of heavy snowfall. The only way to reach Ladakh during these months (Sept to Apr) is by taking a flight to Leh.

When the roads open up around May and tourists start trickling in, one can’t miss the genuine happiness with which the locals welcome you to their land. I guess the sight of tourists reminds them that the harsh days are finally behind them. Sharing some pictures of the people I met there:

She smiled shyly for the camera while a young girl accompanying her teased incessantly.


She’s got the Blues

He asked us where we were from. Then sang ‘Mumbai se aaya mera dost..’IMG_1608

One hated Social Studies and the other didn’t like studying Science. Both loved posing.

IMG_1636 (2)

This little shepherd stood day dreaming. The shepherds in the region walk on foot for miles and miles in the hunt of green pastures.

20140701_122833 (2)

He ran away from home at the age of 12 to become a monk.


She was munching on dried apricots and insisted I try some.


The young monks of Hemis Monastery were just off for lunch.

IMG_1645 (2)


Just another day at work.IMG_1756


Monk with an iPad. Searching for a higher connection I guess.



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