Self Drive Holidays in India

The concept of self-drive holidays in India is still very new. Renting a car mostly means paying for an entire package: Car + Driver + Driver’s food and stay + tips. Irrespective of the fact whether you need a driver or not. We all have gone on road trips in hired cars that were driven by grumpy drivers. While not all drivers are as bad, the fact that having a stranger behind the wheel while you’re holidaying with friends / family is not particularly ideal. A better part of the trip is spent in adjusting to the driver’s personality, road skills and sometimes even his taste in music.

Self-drive holidays

Driving through Tuscany

My first self-drive holiday was in Tuscany. We decided to drive around because it gave us more freedom in our movement and was costing us much lesser than those TGVs. Armed with a GPS, we felt prepared to conquer the world..and we did too! Well at least the Tuscan region. The experience left me wondering why we didn’t have this option available back home.

That snooty nose! Courtesy

That snooty nose! Courtesy

So imagine my joy when I found out about Just Ride – a self-drive car rental service recently launched in Bombay. You can hire a car by the hour or for the day. With rates like these, renting a BMW turns out to be cheaper than hiring a car with a driver. You have to deposit Rs.3000 which is refunded on returning the car. The deposit is the maximum amount you will be liable to pay in case of any damage / accidents.

Last weekend when my aunt and cousins were visiting us from Punjab, I finally got a chance to try their service. I had the whole itinerary planned – right from Marine Drive to Juhu via Bandra Worli Sealine. We spent an entire day sight seeing in a car that felt like it was our own. It was in a way… for a day. At the end of the day, the car was picked up from our address for an additional fee.

Time for a self drive holiday

Time to make that much awaited road trip. 

If you follow my blog regularly you know how much I love talking about Bombay and sharing ideas about different ways to explore the city. It makes me happy to know that tourists visiting Bombay now have a choice to experience the city on their own, at a pace that suits them. It’s a relief to know that there is now an option to skip haggling with tourist cab drivers and agents… who mostly offer a very fixed itinerary of places to visit, that too mostly places which are expensive and not really worth it (thanks to the commission model). Business travelers visiting the city can move about in style and comfort for their meetings #LikeABoss 😉 Women who do not necessarily feel too safe renting a cab now have a choice to drive like they own it. And most of all, people who love driving but don’t have a car of their own, this is a dream!


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Share your stories and ideas of interesting and offbeat road trips you might have been on. I could always do with some help in planning my next holiday.


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