Those summer afternoons…

I came across this old man reading a book on a hot summer afternoon in Salzburg and got all nostalgic.

A hot affternoon in Salzburg

A hot affternoon in Salzburg

I remember when I was a kid, summer holidays were mostly spent at my grandparents’ place in Punjab. Back then, a hot blazing sun meant nothing under the cool shade of centuries old Banyan and Peepal trees. Power cuts were common and it would always be cooler outside (than inside) under the dense shade of trees.

Every afternoon while my aunts would find a cool spot under the trees to sit and chat away the next few hours, we cousins would get busy challenging each other to climbing those trees faster / higher. We’d spend hours hanging from the branches, stopping only when we’d spot the ice-cream-wala approaching on his bicycle.

An afternoon spent relaxing under an old tree...

An afternoon spent relaxing under an old tree… in Punjab

As I grew up and started spending more time in the city, I grew more distant from those trees. Now I can’t remember when was the last time I sat under one… do you?


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