Hi there. I am Bharti and I live in Bombay. I like sharing my travel stories on this blog. In addition to travel posts, you will also get to see a lot of day-to-day street photography which I click from my phone as often as I can.

The blog is called Suitcase of Stories because whenever you set out with a suitcase, you come back with a bunch of interesting stories. The suitcase packs in a little soul of the place in form of gifts you pick for friends, souvenirs that you discover, postcards you write and fridge magnets you buy for home.

So here’s aΒ curation of some of the interesting people, places and objects that caught my eye during my travels. Hope you enjoy the stories.Β Thanks for visiting.. and keep coming back.

P.S – Feel free to give me a shout out if you are planning to visit Bombay and need help with anything. Being a Bombay Local, I’d love to help you see the best that the city has to offer. Details here.
– Bharti
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