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The Meals I Miss

My first meal outside India, was Tom Yum Soup in Pattaya. Spicy, tangy and watery, I wasn’t sure if it was very savoury. I didn’t realize it back then, but that taste of… Continue reading

Streets of Rome

I visited Rome about two years ago but it feels like only yesterday. Street musicians playing the Godfather tune on their violins, men in sharp suits riding bright Vespas, women in high heels… Continue reading

Travel Stories

In the last one year, I had the chance of travelling to some really interesting places. I felt small standing next to the Deodars in Dalhousie, ate home made Gnocchi in Tuscany and… Continue reading


“Got me on my knees Layla.. I’m begging, darling please Layla.. Darling won’t you ease my worried mind.” Seen at Sacre Coeur, Paris.


Paris is reeling under a rather colourful spell this Spring. Locals believe it has something to do with this exchange student from India who has been spotted looking dangerously beautiful at various places… Continue reading

Salotto 42

We were looking for Trevi Fountain and instead we found this. Seen in Rome.

Blue Car

The world needs more blue cars with pink flowers. Seen in  Rome.

The Ride

“Well Hello ladies.. Care for a ride?” Seen at Nostre Dam, Paris (Strangely enough, I don’t remember seeing much of the Basilica.)  

Roman Soldier

And then came a day many decades later, when the Roman soldier discovered the joys and comfort of a simple pair of floaters. Seen outside Colosseum, Rome

Odd Frame

It was the St.Peter’s Basilica at the far end of the street that they all were trying to capture in the background.


While one stood in awkward silence, the other felt inconspicuous and ignored. The kids continued learning art, unaware of the tension building between the statues. Seen at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

French Toast

Sudden regret for not learning French in school.. Seen at Montmartre, Paris.