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A Million Turkish Delights..

I visited Istanbul in March this year. It was a three day trip and I have never felt so loved in any other part of the world. Turkey has an old world charm… Continue reading

Travel Stories

In the last one year, I had the chance of travelling to some really interesting places. I felt small standing next to the Deodars in Dalhousie, ate home made Gnocchi in Tuscany and… Continue reading


  “I think I am on to something big.” Seen in Istanbul.    

The Family

We requested the guy on the left if he could take a picture of ours. He said yes and then called his family and together they stood standing and smiling, waiting for us… Continue reading


You gotta love Istanbul because good looking men proactively walk in to the frame. When you quickly seize the opportunity and click, they smile.. take their imaginary hat off and bow down to… Continue reading

Loyal Audience

People smiled and cheered. Crowd kept coming and going. But the music never stopped. The man continued playing for the dog who never left his blind owner’s side. He continued playing for his… Continue reading


“Always find the best place to watch the world.” Seen in Istanbul.

Umbrella Man

  He reminded me of Roald Dahl’s short story – The Umbrella Man’. Its about this old guy who trades stolen umbrellas for cash from people who get caught in the rain without… Continue reading