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7 Life Lessons Learned in Masai Mara

Honestly, before I visited Masai Mara, I never gave much thought to what a wildlife Safari would be like. I never wondered about wildlife. I didn’t watch much of National Geographic while growing… Continue reading

Elephant Hug

  During the Masai Mara safari, we saw a lone elephant standing under a tree. It was like he had lost his way and got separated from the pack. The guide told us… Continue reading

5 Most Unique Memories From Nairobi

The terrible attack on Nairobi mall is heart-breaking and I hope and pray for everyone’s safety there. I was in the city exactly 2 years ago (Sept 2011) and I am here to… Continue reading

Masai Women

Most Masai women are camera shy and do not like to be photographed – said our tour guide. So this is one of the very few pictures I got. She was sitting outside… Continue reading

Masai Mara Jump

Masai tribe in Kenya has a lot of unique customs. One of them being the tribe’s jump dance. The men in the picture were just getting ready to show us the ritual. They… Continue reading

The Hat

‘The hat is made of a lion’s mane. They don’t allow us to hunt lions anymore but earlier, a man had to kill a lion and present the head to the father of… Continue reading

Blind Love

I once saw a Giraffe madly in love with a man. ‘He has beautiful eyes but is half blind’, said the man with a shy smile. Seen at the Giraffe Center in Kenya.… Continue reading