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Self Drive Holidays in India

The concept of self-drive holidays in India is still very new. Renting a car mostly means paying for an entire package: Car + Driver + Driver’s food and stay + tips. Irrespective of the fact… Continue reading

10 Reason Why You Should Visit an Indian Wildlife Reserve This Summer

In the summers when temperature go up, most animals in the jungle seek refuge near the water body. Which means the chances of spotting a tiger go up a lot.. they will either… Continue reading

Lennon Wall

‘If we sleep together will you be my friend forever?’ Seen in Prague. **** Picture by Renu Singh. Check out her Flickr profile for some stunning photographs from all over the world.  


My friend Krupali made this for me. Isn’t it awesome?! 🙂 And the best coincidence is that this comes as the 100th post on the blog! **** I have written a hundred posts already?… Continue reading

Snowman Competition

“Men making snowman in shifts. It’s a difficult and time consuming job. Since no work could be done during the snowfall, the top boss announced snowman making a competition between teams. He did… Continue reading

I was here

We met him in Munnar on a rocky cliff frequented by tourists. According to legend, the spot is famous for having been visited by the Pandavas thousands of years ago. This guy was… Continue reading

Three Men

On a scenic hill top in Munnar, we noticed a small coffee stall and decided to stop for a break. The stall was run by a young, chatty guy who showed us his… Continue reading


Strangely, this man getting ready to perform the classical Indian dance drama Kathakali, reminded me of Marilyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch. Seen in Thekkady, Kerala. **** Have you seen a live Kathakali… Continue reading


“Ten days before San Francisco turned into Gotham city, I spotted Batgirl taking a walk with her mom near Ghirardelli square. ” Seen in San Francisco. Picture contributed by @NowhereMan. To see more… Continue reading

Bollywood Art Project

“I was really sad when I heard about the demise of Rajesh Khanna last year. And so I decided to pay a tribute to my favourite Bollywood hero.” With that Ranjit Dahiya went… Continue reading

Skater Boy

He was skateboarding his way through the corridors at 7am. I clicked this picture seconds before he had a spectacular fall. Seen in Delhi. —— Skateboarding culture is slowly picking up in India.… Continue reading


Stumbled upon this vintage beauty on Sunday morning. As I was about to click, came this other beauty and perched itself at just the right spot. Dogs are mind readers. Don’t you think?… Continue reading

Elma’s Bakery

“Now that I have a reputation, I am losing my sleep trying to come up with new recipes.” – Shelly, Owner of Elma’s Bakery which is named after her dog. Seen in Hauz Khas… Continue reading


The dog saw his fishermen friends go deep into the sea with nets. He stood watching, looking tense and alert. A few minutes later the men were almost completely immersed in water and… Continue reading


Just beginning to know each other. Seen in Hyderabad.


“She loves dressing up. Even on a normal day you can find her trotting around in heels in the dorm, when everyone is in their pajamas, knocking on every door and asking in… Continue reading

Empty Stomach

It was supposed to be a quick stop-over for lunch on my way to the airport. Instead, I ended up using the lunch time and money on these shoes. I left Bangkok with… Continue reading