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Those summer afternoons…

I came across this old man reading a book on a hot summer afternoon in Salzburg and got all nostalgic. I remember when I was a kid, summer holidays were mostly spent at… Continue reading


Hope you have a good lazy Sunday. Seen in Crawford Market, Mumbai. Pic contributed by Renu Singh. Check out more of her pictures on Flickr. *** You can also follow Suitcase of Stories… Continue reading

Dirty Paws

The youngest fan of ‘Of Monsters and Men‘. Loves to sing ‘Dirty Paws’. Seen in Punjab, India. ——— Click here to sing along.


They protect the house of God. Seen in Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Bunk School

  “My cousins from Bombay are visiting us today. So mom allowed me to bunk school.” Seen in Punjab.  

Samosa Anyone?

“Am trying to catch fish.” “Really?! With your bare hands?” “I’ll show you. You have something to feed them?” “Umm… a samosa would do?”  And the fish flocked around the little man’s feet… Continue reading


  He was wearing a bright pink kurta with a yellow turban that tied up his dreadlocks. He was the most stylish God-man I have seen, almost ready to walk the ramp. I… Continue reading