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Shikha’s Suitcase

“This suitcase has been travelling with me since the first time I stepped out of home which was about 8-9 years ago. Even though it’s much worn out now, I still like to… Continue reading

Harsha’s Suitcase

“I landed in NYC and a cop at the airport came and told me that my suitcase made him smile on a dull day. I reached the hotel and while waiting for the… Continue reading

Prachi’s Suitcase

“This was taken at Turin’s Porta Susa station before I boarded the TGV to Paris. After gallivanting around Italy for 3 weeks, I was a bit under the weather; yet, I was excited… Continue reading

Suitcase Saturdays

‘Because every suitcase tells a story.’  I am starting a new feature on the blog ‘Suitcase Saturdays’ which will feature photographs of travelers along with their suitcase/(s).  (Mind you, only Suitcases and not… Continue reading