Batman Cookies

I first read about Batman Cookies in a local newspaper. A girl who chooses to remain anonymous, bakes them at her own will and in quantities she deems fit. She then sends them… Continue reading

Skater Boy

He was skateboarding his way through the corridors at 7am. I clicked this picture seconds before he had a spectacular fall. Seen in Delhi. —— Skateboarding culture is slowly picking up in India.… Continue reading

Harsha’s Suitcase

“I landed in NYC and a cop at the airport came and told me that my suitcase made him smile on a dull day. I reached the hotel and while waiting for the… Continue reading


Stumbled upon this vintage beauty on Sunday morning. As I was about to click, came this other beauty and perched itself at just the right spot. Dogs are mind readers. Don’t you think?… Continue reading

Prachi’s Suitcase

“This was taken at Turin’s Porta Susa station before I boarded the TGV to Paris. After gallivanting around Italy for 3 weeks, I was a bit under the weather; yet, I was excited… Continue reading

Dharamsala Airport

Dharamsala airport which is actually called Gaggal airport which is also known as Kangra airport is an airport in Gaggal (Near Kangra), about 14 km from Dharamsala. Dharamsala itself is very pretty but… Continue reading

Tibetan Women

I met her in Dalhousie which has a small Tibetan population settled here. The colourful striped apron or ‘pangdens’ is a part of Tibetan traditional wear for married women. Most Tibetans, especially the… Continue reading

Old Friends

The streets of Dharamsala had a lot of old folks, stopping by and warmly greeting their friends. Such a pleasure to watch them. Seen in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

Rush Hour

  The mum was trying to rush the kid who was easily distracted by every car that passed by. The kid also had some special love for puddles, much to her mom’s distress.… Continue reading

Suitcase Saturdays

‘Because every suitcase tells a story.’  I am starting a new feature on the blog ‘Suitcase Saturdays’ which will feature photographs of travelers along with their suitcase/(s).  (Mind you, only Suitcases and not… Continue reading

7 Life Lessons Learned in Masai Mara

Honestly, before I visited Masai Mara, I never gave much thought to what a wildlife Safari would be like. I never wondered about wildlife. I didn’t watch much of National Geographic while growing… Continue reading

Dirty Paws

The youngest fan of ‘Of Monsters and Men‘. Loves to sing ‘Dirty Paws’. Seen in Punjab, India. ——— Click here to sing along.

Elephant Hug

  During the Masai Mara safari, we saw a lone elephant standing under a tree. It was like he had lost his way and got separated from the pack. The guide told us… Continue reading

5 Most Unique Memories From Nairobi

The terrible attack on Nairobi mall is heart-breaking and I hope and pray for everyone’s safety there. I was in the city exactly 2 years ago (Sept 2011) and I am here to… Continue reading

Masai Women

Most Masai women are camera shy and do not like to be photographed – said our tour guide. So this is one of the very few pictures I got. She was sitting outside… Continue reading

Masai Mara Jump

Masai tribe in Kenya has a lot of unique customs. One of them being the tribe’s jump dance. The men in the picture were just getting ready to show us the ritual. They… Continue reading

Time Flies

And before you know it, you will be sitting on the bench. Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be old? I do. It scares me. Seen in Kharghar, Mumbai.

My Bad

Bandra is a suburb in Mumbai. It has the highest density of pubs and restaurants in the city. Yet, if you try and explore this part of the town and venture away from… Continue reading

Travel Stories

In the last one year, I had the chance of travelling to some really interesting places. I felt small standing next to the Deodars in Dalhousie, ate home made Gnocchi in Tuscany and… Continue reading


The man sitting there is the driver of the black Mercedes. He was waiting for his boss who had gone inside the shop to buy modaks*. The banner on top of the shop… Continue reading

Teacher’s Day

To celebrate Teacher’s Day, I visited a school yesterday through the NGO Akanksha. Akanksha works towards providing free education to under-privileged kids. I saw these two sitting outside a class, talking softly while… Continue reading


They protect the house of God. Seen in Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Billo The Horse

I spoke to him while he waited for his horse that had gone for a ride with someone. ‘What’s your horse’s name?’ ‘Billo.’ ‘But Billo means cat!’ ‘Yea.. she is catty.’ ____ I… Continue reading

Human Babies

‘See dad, I’ll show you how it’s done.’ Before he decided to start mopping, he was running behind the monks with a stick while his dad tried to stop him. One can never… Continue reading

Shop the Suitcase

When I started this blog, I named it Suitcase of Stories because whenever you set out with a suitcase, you come back with a bunch of interesting stories. The suitcase packs in a… Continue reading