We work in the same office. Yesterday I saw the girl on right gift a chocolate to the one in blue. They both hugged. I asked them what was the occasion. “We… Continue reading

The Walk

Saw this old woman walking uphill on a very steep slope. She saw us and gave us that big toothless grin. I am guessing that she was carrying the stool so that she… Continue reading


“We are studying Arithmetic.” “Oh.. Do you have an exam coming up?” “No, exams just got over. We just enjoy the subject.” ——– Seen inside an 8th Century Lakshmi Narayan Temple  in Chamba,… Continue reading

Bunk School

  “My cousins from Bombay are visiting us today. So mom allowed me to bunk school.” Seen in Punjab.  

Samosa Anyone?

“Am trying to catch fish.” “Really?! With your bare hands?” “I’ll show you. You have something to feed them?” “Umm… a samosa would do?”  And the fish flocked around the little man’s feet… Continue reading

Fighter Spirit

“He never listens to me!” “But of course… handsome is as handsome does.” Retired Indian Airforce fighter pilot, Vir Chakra holder with his wife. Seen in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh.

I <3 Tibet

  “Born to party.. forced to work.” – Tenzin Max. He works in the Norbulingka Institute Centre for Arts and Woodcarving. Seen in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. —— I spent the last week in Punjab… Continue reading


  He was wearing a bright pink kurta with a yellow turban that tied up his dreadlocks. He was the most stylish God-man I have seen, almost ready to walk the ramp. I… Continue reading


  We went for a double date but hush…. it’s all under wraps. Seen in Mumbai.    


  It was 41 degrees in the afternoon and she was out sight-seeing with her family. When I saw her, she had reached a level of tiredness where I could almost hear her… Continue reading


That don’t impress me much. Seen in Jaipur, India.  

Elma’s Bakery

“Now that I have a reputation, I am losing my sleep trying to come up with new recipes.” – Shelly, Owner of Elma’s Bakery which is named after her dog. Seen in Hauz Khas… Continue reading

The Umbrella Rule

Whoever has the camera, gets to stand under the umbrella. Seen in Mumbai.

First Rain

They all got out of a taxi (Maruti Omni). The baby in the group was experiencing her first rain. The kids were arguing about who will get a window seat on their next… Continue reading


Saw the Arabian Sea rushing at them. Seen in Mumbai.

Date Night

  They go for morning walks that end with plucking some flowers together. Not everyone believes in date nights. Seen in Mumbai.  


At first, I wondered why was she walking in the middle of the road. Then I realized… it was the shade. Seen in Mumbai, India.


The dog saw his fishermen friends go deep into the sea with nets. He stood watching, looking tense and alert. A few minutes later the men were almost completely immersed in water and… Continue reading


  “I think I am on to something big.” Seen in Istanbul.    


“Got me on my knees Layla.. I’m begging, darling please Layla.. Darling won’t you ease my worried mind.” Seen at Sacre Coeur, Paris.


Just beginning to know each other. Seen in Hyderabad.

Biker Girl

“I am a part of this biker group – ‘Mumbai Musafirs‘. They go on long bike rides every weekend and initially I used to accompany them as a pillion rider. Eventually, I realized it’s kinda boring to… Continue reading


Paris is reeling under a rather colourful spell this Spring. Locals believe it has something to do with this exchange student from India who has been spotted looking dangerously beautiful at various places… Continue reading


“She loves dressing up. Even on a normal day you can find her trotting around in heels in the dorm, when everyone is in their pajamas, knocking on every door and asking in… Continue reading


Love is not blind, it’s colour coordinated. Seen in Singapore.