Salotto 42

We were looking for Trevi Fountain and instead we found this. Seen in Rome.

Blue Car

The world needs more blue cars with pink flowers. Seen in  Rome.


“He takes control of things without letting me feel that I am depending on him.” Seen in Mumbai.

The Hat

‘The hat is made of a lion’s mane. They don’t allow us to hunt lions anymore but earlier, a man had to kill a lion and present the head to the father of… Continue reading

The Ride

“Well Hello ladies.. Care for a ride?” Seen at Nostre Dam, Paris (Strangely enough, I don’t remember seeing much of the Basilica.)  

Blind Love

I once saw a Giraffe madly in love with a man. ‘He has beautiful eyes but is half blind’, said the man with a shy smile. Seen at the Giraffe Center in Kenya.… Continue reading

The Family

We requested the guy on the left if he could take a picture of ours. He said yes and then called his family and together they stood standing and smiling, waiting for us… Continue reading

Bitch, Please.

Hey fatso, running the marathon? Bitch, Please.  


You gotta love Istanbul because good looking men proactively walk in to the frame. When you quickly seize the opportunity and click, they smile.. take their imaginary hat off and bow down to… Continue reading

Loyal Audience

People smiled and cheered. Crowd kept coming and going. But the music never stopped. The man continued playing for the dog who never left his blind owner’s side. He continued playing for his… Continue reading

Roman Soldier

And then came a day many decades later, when the Roman soldier discovered the joys and comfort of a simple pair of floaters. Seen outside Colosseum, Rome

Odd Frame

It was the St.Peter’s Basilica at the far end of the street that they all were trying to capture in the background.


While one stood in awkward silence, the other felt inconspicuous and ignored. The kids continued learning art, unaware of the tension building between the statues. Seen at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.


“Always find the best place to watch the world.” Seen in Istanbul.

The Ring

  “I have a phobia of birds.” Seen in Mumbai.  

Great One

  Her name is Kubra Sait. It means ‘Great one’. She gets paid to talk. Seen at Intercontinental The Lalit, Mumbai.  

Gold Rush

  “My mom wanted to sell off this antique gold bangle and buy some lighter daily-wear bangles. The sales girl at Tanishq store looked at the bangle, studied it’s intricate design and said,… Continue reading

Colour Blind

“Before, I used to dress in a way that it would look good. Now I dress in a way that it sounds good.” – Neil Harbisson, Tedx Mumbai Speaker. Completely colour blind since birth.… Continue reading


  Salute to true love that would rather hold legs than hold hands. Seen at KalaGhoda Festival 2012, Mumbai.  

The Walk

  When he walks, people stop to watch. Seen at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai  

Limited Edition Boss

When I first met Sonali, it was for an interview for my present job. I knew she would be a fun boss the minute I shook hands with her and noticed the limited… Continue reading

French Toast

Sudden regret for not learning French in school.. Seen at Montmartre, Paris.


  “We gifted him this hat because it suits his personality and makes him look handsome, even from behind.” Seen in Mumbai.  

Empty Stomach

It was supposed to be a quick stop-over for lunch on my way to the airport. Instead, I ended up using the lunch time and money on these shoes. I left Bangkok with… Continue reading


  My mom feels excessively cold and goes to bed wearing socks even in Summers. So I picked these socks for her as a gift from Bangkok. She said she liked them but… Continue reading