From Dharamsala


The following items were discovered during my recent trip to Dharamsala.


Om Pendant – Turquoise

 Om Pendant (SOLD)

Written in the Tibetan script – Om is the symbol of the all encompassing mystical entity, one without a beginning or an end. Interestingly, Om is of great significance across different cultures and faiths including Tibetan Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Balinese Hinduism among others. Here it’s inscripted on a pendant with a beautiful turquoise background.

Price: Rs. 800 (includes shipping to metro cities)

Amber Stone Pendant

 Amber Pendant. (SOLD) 

Discovered this beautiful glowing Amber Pendant in one of the quaint little shops on the streets of McLeod Ganj. An absolutely charming piece of jewellry.

Price: Rs. 800 (includes shipping to metro cities)

‘Chattra’ Pendant

‘Chattra’ Pendant (SOLD)

Like everything else in Tibetan art, the parasol is also symbolic of a greater virtue and is one of the 8 spiritual symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. Those under it’s shadow are protected from all harm. It also symbolizes honor and respect. Traditionally, there are two kinds of parasols – a silk one for the religious leaders and an embroidered peacock feather one for the secular ruler of Tibet. The Dalai Lama gets both!

Price: Rs. 800 (includes shipping to metro cities)

Tibetan Locket Pendant

Tibetan Locket Pendant

Tibetan Locket Pendant (SOLD)

This is a two way pendant – with the favourite ‘Om’ and ‘Eternal Knot’ symbols on each side. The OM of course is the all encompassing mystical entity. The Eternal knot or Shrivatasa as it is called in Sanskrit – it has no discernable beginning or end, symbolizing that all events from the past and the future are linked and are bound by the cycle of cause and effect. The locket can be opened to hold something significant within. Many Tibetans keep a small picture of the Dalai Lama to protect them from negative forces.

Price: Rs. 800 (includes shipping to metro cities)

Wooden Pipes

Wooden Pipes

Wooden Pipes

When one moves in these parts of Himachal, these little devices often come handy. I discovered two beautiful wooden pipes – one with a rather antiquated pattern, and the other representing a more classical look. Absolutely gorgeous and very effective in taking you to higher altitudes.

For best results – you’ll need some green stuff, a close circle of friends and music that sounds like this.

Antiquated Pattern – Price: Rs. 600 (includes shipping to metro cities)

Classical Pattern – Price: Rs. 500 (includes shipping to metro cities)


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