Those summer afternoons…

I came across this old man reading a book on a hot summer afternoon in Salzburg and got all nostalgic. I remember when I was a kid, summer holidays were mostly spent at… Continue reading

Self Drive Holidays in India

The concept of self-drive holidays in India is still very new. Renting a car mostly means paying for an entire package: Car + Driver + Driver’s food and stay + tips. Irrespective of the fact… Continue reading

10 Reason Why You Should Visit an Indian Wildlife Reserve This Summer

In the summers when temperature go up, most animals in the jungle seek refuge near the water body. Which means the chances of spotting a tiger go up a lot.. they will either… Continue reading

Paragliding in Kamshet

Can’t keep my mind from the circling skies Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I… The Pink Floyd song played in my head all through the weekend. It was about half past… Continue reading

Kids of Kamshet

Located at about 110 km from Bombay and just a little ahead of the popular hill station Lonavala, lies Kamshet – a quaint little village outlined by the Sahayadri Range. The mountains offer… Continue reading

Budapest in Pictures

Budapest has to be one of the most photogenic cities in the world. The beautiful architecture, quaint streets, windows decorated with bright flowers, neatly outlined car parks, yellow trams, elegant street lamps are just… Continue reading

Christmas Markets of Budapest and Zagreb

Covered in five layers of warm clothes I felt equipped enough to step out and brave the winter chill. It was only half past four in the evening and the sun had already… Continue reading

A Long Weekend in Bombay

Life in Bombay is so fast paced that we hardly get a chance to stop and enjoy the moment. Most of us are busy with work and commute. Whatever little time we get we… Continue reading

People of Ladakh

“Julley!” That’s all it takes to see a Ladakhi face light up with a big smile. The land of high passes remains cut-off from the rest of the world for about 8 months in a year because… Continue reading

A Laugh in the Mountains

  This British group was riding from Leh to Manali. They had a simple funda – the biker that rode badly or slowed down the group because of his mistakes would be given a  joker jersey to… Continue reading

Bike Trip To Ladakh – A Beginner’s Guide

A few weeks before we were supposed to leave for our first bike trip to Ladakh, I found out that we were missing the famous Hemis festival by just two days. Though I felt miserable, I… Continue reading

Manali to Leh – The Ride of a Reluctant Biker

The road was barely 4m wide with a wall of snow outlining both sides. The traffic had come to a standstill and a few people had stepped out of their cars to help ease the jam.… Continue reading

Dancing Monks

Ladakh is currently celebrating one of its most colourful festivals of the year – the Hemis Festival. It’s one of the oldest religious carnivals of Ladakh and is held at the Hemis Monastery.… Continue reading

Time Travel

The best way to travel back in time is to step in to any of the Irani cafes in the city. Many have written about their old world charm, the no-frills ambiance, the authenticity and… Continue reading


  Woke up this morning with these lines in my head: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to… Continue reading

Dadar Parsi Colony – A Photo Essay

My first encounter with Dadar was back in 2004 when I used to travel from Churchgate to Dadar during the evening rush hour. Most of my journey would go in planning my exit strategy from… Continue reading

So Batty

‘You can call us Batty.’ ‘So which one of you is actually Batty?’ ‘Batty means crazy. By now we both have become Batty.’ **** Seen in Dadar Parsi Colony, Bombay.      

Lennon Wall

‘If we sleep together will you be my friend forever?’ Seen in Prague. **** Picture by Renu Singh. Check out her Flickr profile for some stunning photographs from all over the world.  

Why So Blue?

  The quiet Sunday morning at Greenmarket Square was suddenly woken up from its slumber by this guy who stood outside singing old English songs at the top of his lungs. Not a good singer but he… Continue reading

Robben Island

“This is the safest place in the world. No crime, no hijack, no police station.” – Spark, an ex-political prisoner and our guide at Robben Island, on why he chooses to call the… Continue reading

People Watching in Cape Town

If you have been following this blog for some time, you’d know of my love for people watching. An ideal day in a new city is when I find myself sitting by the street side cafe, sipping… Continue reading

10 Most Unique Sights of Cape Town

The long weekend had just begun and Cape Town was abuzz with skateboarding kids and families picnicking on the beach. Those with fancy convertibles were out enjoying a drive while others flaunted their seriously fit bodies… Continue reading

School Trip

“SCHOOL TRIP!!” Seen at Cape Point, Cape Town.     ****

Five Off Beat Places to Eat at in Bombay

‘Beautiful things don’t ask for attention’.  This quote from ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ is an apt description of some unassuming restaurants in Mumbai. Snuck in quiet corners of the city, these… Continue reading

The Meals I Miss

My first meal outside India, was Tom Yum Soup in Pattaya. Spicy, tangy and watery, I wasn’t sure if it was very savoury. I didn’t realize it back then, but that taste of… Continue reading